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Unity - Heat - Optimize (Day 5)

Unity causes mobile heat...

Day 1 till 4, cried silently.
Day 5.

I've been testing with Unity optimization for mobile lately. My in-development game causes low-end Android devices heat ( I do not own a high-end one so I have no idea about the heat on that class ). Even though the FPS is steady above 60fps and game scripts are optimized to an acceptable level that never requires more than 5ms to finish, the phones heat up quite fast. More heat = more battery consumption = Your game is not optimized to be as good as that other game which is cool on hand. And that problem concerns me, days and nights.
My in-dev game is mainly in 2D, a lot of UI, much of 3D particles, and a dozen of sparkles.
In the past, I made this game on Cocos2D, and it was good, no heat, peak fps.
Then I decided to learn Unity as my new main tool. Unity came to me naturally, I love it and it loves me, maybe. My jump into Unity takes not so much effort. Easily, I beat the Animator, Data Handling, OOP, and Game Co…