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Dota2 vs. LOL vs. Clash Royale vs. CATS

What is the main different between Dota 2, LOL, Clash Royale & CATS?

I 've spent some time playing with those. So today, I want to share my experience.
Of course, they are not too relevant to each other to create a good comparison.
Dota 2 & LOL are PC-based MOBA.
Clash Royale & CATS are mobile-only Arena hybrid.
And each has many differents from others.
But they are all game, regardless the fun created by the depth of the game, I want to talk about casual fun in these 4 games.

Competitive games are trending these days. On every platform, people try to have fun.
And in many cases, fun is winning, or at least you don't have to tolerate losing (too much).
In Dota2, there are nothing called casual fun, I think so, the time you get your ass kicked is mostly more than 40 minutes. The game feels slow and punishing. As a noob, every time I move around to explore more about the map, someone jumps out of the jungle and kill me, nothing I can do to get the losing situation be…